Equipping a generation to change the world

About Us


Equipped 2 Impact exists to develop a generation of young people whose soul purpose is to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Equipped 2 Impact inspires, equips and mobilizes our generation to take action and be the church in our own communities.



B – Bless (x3):  One act of blessing—small or big—one toward someone within the community of faith, one to someone outside, one spare to go either way.

E – Eat (x 3):  All members encouraged to share a table of fellowship ( meal, coffee, etc. ) three times—one with people inside the community of faith, one with folks outside, one spare to go either way.

L – Listen (1 hour per week):  All are invited to spend at least one hour each week in contemplative prayer.

L – Learn (Read x 3): – 

(1) One book of the Gospels, 

(2) Another book of the Bible, Old or New Testament, 

(3) A good Christian book.

S – Sent:  We are all “sent” by the Lord into society. At the end of each day, reflect on two questions: 

(1) Where did I resist Jesus today?  

(2) Where did I work with Jesus today? 

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